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Name: Szayel Apollo Granz
Alias(es): Octava
Species: Hyur
Race: Selkie
Chakra Element:
    Natural - Air
    Hollow - Ice

Reiatsu Colour: Pink
Mist Mutation:
    Higher than average chakra levels. Late onset.
    Extended lifespan. Late onset
    Higher than average physical strength. Late onset

Approx. Height: 6'1”
Eye Colour: Amber
Hair Colour: Pink
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Nationality: Dalmascan
City of Birth: Home
Birthdate: Coppersun 22nd
Esper: Zalera
Education: Higher, University Graduate
Occupation: Scientist, Medic
Affiliations: Khamja, Arrancar
    Class #1: Commando
    Class #2: Sentinel
    Class #3: Saboteur

Other Learned Classes: Engineer
Weapon(s): Zanpakuto
Allowed Aeon: N/A
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A
Other Abilities:
    ⌘ Al Bhed - Mother-tongue
    ⌘ Ninjutsu - Novice
    ⌘ Taijutsu - Novice
    ⌘ Additional - Szayel is a highly inventive and resourceful combatant with a high intellect, and is adept at analysing opponent's abilities

    ⌘ Pilot's licence - Archadian Government Issue, personal vehicles only
    ⌘ Medical and Surgeon's Qualification - Archadian Military Issue, General Surgeon's Licence: the Holder is licensed for invasive surgical procedures on all body parts except the brain for recognised Sentient species.

Zanpakuto: Hollow-Type –Fornicarás .
    Mask Fragment:'Frames' extending from behind both ears towards the eyes, flush to the skin, usually not seen behind the glasses.
      Estigma - Purple decorative marking around the left eye, four stripes extend down from the eye over the cheek, and four extend up to the forehead.
      Bala - An instant, high-speed, sound-based blast of energy. Fired from left hand
      Cero - A powerful beam of non-elemental energy. Fired from left hand, pink.
      Gran Rey Cero - A much more powerful upgrade of the Cero that requires the user's blood to produce. Pink
      Hierro - A 'skin' of compressed Chakra that vastly enhances physical defense.
      Sonido - High speed movement comparable to Shunpo.
      Pesquisa - A sonar-like Reiatsu detection system.
      Descorrer - The ability to open a Garganta to allow travel between the Visible and Unseen worlds.
    Resurección: "Susure, Fornicarás"
      Appearance - Szayel swallows his sword and emerges from the resulting haze wearing a layered purple, form fitting dress, with purple extensions to his nails, and four 'wings' which have purple fringeing appearing to ooze from them, his mask extends to frame both sides of his face in a scalloped detail, and his hair ends in purple drops.
      Telon Balon - The 'wings' can swell and extend around Szayel to form a shield
      Carbon Copy - Szayel sprays black liquid from his back and can create temporary clones of anything it touches. The clones can only access the abilities the individual had when hit with the liquid, and tend to copy the moves of the original while fighting. Szayel can control their appearance.
      Teatro de Titere - By grabbing and consuming an opponent in his 'wings', Szayel can create a doll which transmits whatever sensation it is subjected to back to the original. Inside the doll are small parts which represent the various organs and tendons found inside the person, and damaging these deals similar damage to the victim
      Possession - In the event Szayel is eaten, he can take control of the thing that ate him from within.

Zanpakuto Spirit Form: Snow
Limit Breaks:
    Naturally Gained:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Limit 2 - Description.
      ⌘ Limit 3 - Description.
    Hollow Limits:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Gabriel - If mortally wounded, the user can 'impregnate' an opponent of any gender and use their strength to recover fully. Usually kills the opponent.



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